Idle Women are part of a long history of women who work for change. We value questioning and criticality at every level of our work: in the way we run our organisation, create our relationships, and communicate our legacy. We are committed to deep transformation.

Shifting Loyalties 

Shifting Loyalties is a residential gathering for women established in collaboration with Silvia Federici in 2016.

This informal conference offers a space for critical conversations, building connections and friendships, and forging a different future. 

Silvia and Lizzie

Forthcoming publications

Two publications are currently in production. 

A graphic novel by illustrator Candice Purwin follows Idle Women for their two years spent on water and a new work by writer and journalist Rahila Gupta is also forthcoming.

All Transforming Projects

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Helen is a multi faceted project supported by Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence Award