Land Rover Project

The Land Rover Project was developed by Dina Rončević in two parts, the first as part of her residency with Idle Women involved setting up a mechanics workshop at the IWI in St Helens. Women worked with Dina to explore basic mechanics, changing a wheel, carrying out an oil change and learning to use tools.

Land Rover de-construction 2018

As part of Helen women worked with Dina to completely dismantled the Landrover Defender, deconstructing the vehicle down to the chassis.

The Land Rover Project by Dina Rončević, Idle Women 2019, Photo by CJ Griffiths

Land Rover re-construction 2019

In 2019 the mechanics workshop was reconfigured into a welding studio where Dina 1:1 welding workshops with women. Creating new structures from scrap metal and car parts and a working installation at the back of the IWI.

Welding Workshop
Photo: CJ Griffiths, Landrover Project by Dina Roncevic, Idle Women 2019

The Land Rover Project was delivered in partnership with Heart of Glass as part of Idle Women on the water and as part of Helen a programme of work supported by Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence Award.