Idle Being

It’s noisy, isn’t it?

There is a pressure to act and engage, to be creative, useful and productive at a time when our strained reserves are needed for simple priorities, for adaptation, for navigating something unknown, for being.

Our instinct was initially to step out of the frame, conserve our energy for when we are needed.

But, then we decided to start something small. An attempt to bring back that sense of belonging that is lost as we distance, and to do so without putting pressure on anyone to do too much.

We invited and paid 100 women who have worked with us over the past five years, to send us something with as little effort as possible. A short video, unedited, no text, speech, nor direction.

We asked these women not to labour in the task, but simply to share a small pleasure in their day that might offer some comfort to another.

The women who declined payment were asked to invite another woman to share something from her day in exchange for the modest fee or to pay it forward to a woman in need.

We are publishing these #IdleBeing videos to our Instagram to offer a place of belonging away from the noise.

We hope that you might join us there.

The videos will be shared slowly to Instagram during the UK lockdown period and will eventually all be archived to playlists on YouTube and Vimeo.