Idle Women create a space for women to explore, expand and enjoy ideas. Exploration can lead us towards the smallest detail or to reach the furthest horizon, it leads us towards possibilities and deeper knowledge.

Pendle Witch Sign


Knowledge is artist-led research that explores two strands of Knowledge – the rational knowledge of the Institution and the non-rational knowledge of folklore, verbal histories and marginalised practices. This research intersects and underpins idle women’s practice and delivery.


The earthy scent released when rain falls on dry soil

Petrichor is a new project being created in the shadow of Pendle Hill (a significant site in the European witch hunts) and informed by our research into the roots of gender-based violence, land enclosures, colonisation & systemic patriarchy. We want to reach deeper, to reconnect with a more ancient knowledge and with women’s rightful occupation of place and inclusion.

Using historical research, ritual, esoteric and traditional environmental practices in tandem with ancient women’s crafts & autobiographic evocation we will test a series of contemporary artistic treatments in the lead up to a major new site-specific production (2021)

Petrichor is supported by Jerwood New Work Fund grant from Jerwood Arts 



Petrichor lead image

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