Idle Women is an arts and social justice project that creates vibrant and adventurous spaces with and for all women.

NB Selina Cooper

Selina Cooper is a 55ft long motor-less narrow boat conceived, designed and built by women and launched in Burnley on the Leeds to Liverpool Canal for International Womens Day 2016. The boat provides a  residential base for visiting artists and practitioners and can host up to 12 women for indoor workshops. Selina Cooper was created as part of Idle Womens inaugural touring project On The Water (2015-2017)

Medicine Nursery

Medicine Nursery

The Medicine Nursery is located on a reasonably sized and equipped allotment in a green and picturesque part of Accrington. 

It’s being developed to provide a place to learn how to grow and produce medicinal plants to populate the Physic Garden and to used for herbal products and medicines.

Physic Garden

We are creating the UK’s first Physic Garden dedicated to women and girls. Through a seven year project women will be involved in all aspects of the gardens design, landscaping, planting and maintenance.

Situated alongside the canal in Nelson on a permanent site owned by Idle Women and Humraaz support Services in trust to women.

The archaic word ‘physic’ means ‘art of healing’, a skill more holistic than simply ‘medical’.


Temporary Project spaces created by Idle Women (past)


The Idle Women Institute was a project space in the town centre of St Helens between Sept 2017-May 2019. Developed as part of Helen the IWI served as a space for women to tear the house down, literally dismantling the fabric of the building from the inside out as we simultaneously unpicked the patriarchy. The project concluded in a re-construction phase that involved women learning bricklaying, plumbing, rewiring and completely renovating the building to serve as a women’s centre. The projects final consolidation and legacy is PowerTools a series of 14 DIY videos made by and for women everywhere.

IWI Workshop

From Autumn 2017-2019 a dedicated mechanics and welding workshop was established in a  workshop at the back of the IWI in St Helens for Helen. Developed as part of the Land Rover  artist Dina Rončević taught women basic mechanics as they deconstructed a Land Rover Defender. The concluding part of this project involved Dina teaching MIG Welding workshops in one-to-one workshops with women.

Welding Workshop