IDLE WOMEN are part of a long history of women who work for change. We value questioning and criticality at every level of our work, in the way we run our organisation, create our relationships and communicate our legacy. We are committed to deep transformation.

derelict building from canal
Photo: Dana Popa, Architects of women's place 2015

Gift Economy

IDLE WOMEN offer activities without charge but with principles of gift economy. Our gift of free access to resources and activities is based on the responsibility that comes with gifting. Mostly we ask women to show up, show kindness to other women, to contribute as much as they take and at some point perhaps to exchange or offer their knowledge and time to other women through idle women or elsewhere.

The principles of Gift Economy are powerfully articulated in Braiding with SweetGrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer.

Shifting Loyalties 

Dec 2016, 2017

Shifting Loyalties is a residential gathering for women established in collaboration with Silvia Federici in 2016.

This gathering – an informal conference offers a space for critical conversations, to excavate our histories, build connections and friendships, and forge a different future. 


Silvia and Lizzie
Shifting Loyalties 2017, Photo: Wendy Burnett
Mojisola by Candice Purwin


Illustrator Candice Purwin followed IDLE WOMEN on the water for the duration of the two year tour. The Graphic Novel written and illustrated by Candice will be available this autumn. 

Also in production is new publication from Rahila Gupta.

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